The Gift of Time

Oct 6, 2018 | Emotional Health, Relationships

I received an amazing gift recently that really touched my heart.

I was talking to a friend about I don’t remember what – nothing of any real significance. I looked up – he had stopped what he was doing and was totally focused on me and what I was saying. Wow. I felt like such a gift.

And that got me wondering – how often do I stop and really give my full attention?

Our lives are so busy racing from one thing to the next that we don’t stop in those moments. Our kids, partners and friends often get half-hearted listening so is it any surprise we have so much miscommunication in relationships. I am totally guilty of this too.

And when we are on the receiving end of this half listening, we end up feeling unloved and unheard. In fact the #1 reason a woman leaves a man she loves is because he isn’t present. This of course goes for men who leave too.

So what can we do to have a better experience?

If we take time to stop and listen to others, we have a feeling of having given our presence to someone, enriching their life. And we can ask for someone to stop and listen to us. It takes conscious practice to be good at this and more importantly conscious remembering to do it.

Take time. Be responsible – if you can’t be fully present for someone ask if they can hold that thought for 5 minutes until you can – or just stop what you are doing – after all, what’s more important – the people in our lives or the stuff we do?

If this article has raised blocks or tension in you, give me a call and we can work through it.

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Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen is a Health Coach specialising in Kinesiology.  Together we can change your life to one you'd love to live.