Love Languages

Aug 19, 2015 | Emotional Health, Relationships, Wellbeing

  • Do you sometimes feel like your other half isn’t talking to you right?
  • Or that no matter what you do they don’t know how you feel?
  • Well, maybe you’re not using the same language.

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages?

 “At the heart of every relationship –rests the same core longing: all people need to feel loved,” says Dr Gary Chapman, a world-renowned speaker, author and counsellor.

Are you aware that just like our cars have fuel tanks, our bodies have love tanks?

By speaking to your partner/child in their love language means their emotional tank can fill up. And even by using our own love language in our self talk we can nurture ourselves and fill up our own tanks.

Identifying your love language, and language of those around you may help you learn things about your partner or child and your relationship that you weren’t aware of.

So what are the languages?

Physical Touch

is the preferred love language for some, which translates to a simple touch on the arm, a hug, a back rub – all convey your love to them.


Words of Affirmation

to these people telling them how you appreciate them, encouraging them, and general words of praise and acceptance all show your love.

Quality Time

refers to spending time together. People who have this as their love language feel loved when they are taken out on special dates, when their spouse clears the calendar for them, or when the television is turned off in order to have a conversation.


if this describes your spouse, you need to understand that for them, gifts are not simply material objects — they are expressions of your love.

Acts of Service

if this is your spouse’s love language, they’ll appreciate your help more than anything. Give them a night off from cooking or other household chores.


If you’d like to know more on how you can use this information to enhance your relationships please contact Helen.


Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen is a Health Coach specialising in Kinesiology.  Together we can change your life to one you'd love to live.