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Kinesiology,  is a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

Kinesiology is both the art and science of energy balancing. 

The path to freedom from physical and emotional pain

Your body needs rest and healing

Anxiety and stress

Weight loss

Soul tired

A Kinesiology session is called a ‘balance’, reflecting that the goal of the session is to bring every aspect of you into balance. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kinesiology muscle testing identifies your body’s structural, chemical and emotional energy imbalances, allowing me to see what changes need to be made and work to rebalance your energy. Allowing your body to start the road to recovery.


What to expect during your session

After we’ve talked and gone through your health questionnaire we’ll be able to pin point what you want to get out of the kinesiology session.

During the kinesiology session you’ll remain clothed and lying down on a massage table.  When I test your muscles I’ll apply a gentle pressure on various muscles to test the movement of energy. Kinesiology muscle testing doesn’t involve needles (that’s acupuncture), or massage.

After the session you may feel relaxed and calmer. Many of my clients say they feel lighter, clearer and a bit sleepy. Sometimes you may feel immediate effects, however it can also take a few days for a session to settle.

How many Kinesiology sessions will I need?

As everyone comes with different problems and needs, it’s hard to say how many kinesiology sessions you may need. After your first balancing session we’ll talk about what further sessions may help.

If you’ve been having problems over a long time, then it may take between three and five sessions every two or three weeks to get on top of the problem.

Monthly kinesiology balancing sessions are a great way to keep on top of any underlying stresses and muscle pains that occur. Helping you to maintain your peace and ability to enjoy every day. 

Start to resolve emotional and physical pain

Create the life you want to live

Finally, find your freedom

It’s your time to thrive. 

1. Book a discovery call

Book a discovery call and I’ll answer your questions and make sure I can indeed help you on your path to emotional and physical freedom.

2. Personalised experience

Book a discovery call and I’ll answer your questions and make sure I can indeed help you on your path to emotional and physical freedom.

3. Change your life

Stop living a life restricted by emotional and physical pain and live with the freedom and ability to make choices that will see you thrive.

It’s your time. Get ready to thrive