Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Mar 18, 2018 | Emotional Health

Are you creating your life from your feelings and emotions?

If we allow our emotions to run riot then our lives can become havoc.

Unresolved emotions get stored in our bodies and can short-circuit our desires and affect health.  The emotional pattern keeps playing over and over like a stuck record.  And there is plenty to medical research that documents the effect our emotions have on our physical health.

As soon as we make how we feel significant we have locked it into our bodies.

So – what can we do instead?

Firstly, acknowledge the feeling – “This is the feeling of ….” rather than “I feel ….”. Using this language creates space between you and the feeling.

Secondly, ask if it is your feeling – or someone else that you are perceiving.  If it is someone else’s it will always create ease to be aware it isn’t yours, and you can return the feeling to sender.

Finally – choose to come and see me.  I am an expert in helping you release emotion that have become locked in.  The techniques I use don’t require you to replay or relive the feelings and emotions – just empower you to be free.

Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen McAuley-Grant

Helen is a Health Coach specialising in Kinesiology.  Together we can change your life to one you'd love to live.