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Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique (also known as Bowtech) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia. Sometimes called the homeopathy of bodywork, it utilizes subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.


When all you want is peace from physical and emotional pain

Your body needs rest and healing 
Muscle and joint pain
Neck, back, knee and ankle pain
RSI, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow

TMJ, face and neck problems
Strains and sprains
Headaches and migraines
Brain fog

Digestive problems
Poor sleep

Bowen therapy allows your body to press ‘reset’ and start the path to healing. Gentle, rolling movements over muscle and connective tissue allows the nervous system to be stimulated.

Between movements the pauses are important as they allow the body time to adjust. Combining sequences of movements allows me to reset your whole body or focus on one or more specific area. 

Bowen therapy works well on physical and emotional stresses and can enhance and complement other medical treatments.

What to expect during a Bowen Therapy session

Each session lasts up to one hour. 

During the Bowen therapy session, you’ll remain clothed and lying down on a massage table. I’ll move your limbs into easy positions and apply light pressure and movement across your muscles.  

How many Bowen Therapy sessions will I need?

As everyone comes with different problems and needs, it’s hard to say how many Bowen therapy sessions you may need. After your first session, we’ll talk about what further sessions may help. 

Usually, improvement is seen within one to three sessions, five to 10 days apart.

How will I feel after a session?

Your body will continue to process the Bowen Therapy session for several hours or days.

After your session it’s important to take things easy for the rest of the day. Not participating in any exercise or exerting yourself.

You may feel thirsty, so drink plenty of water to help your body flush out any toxins released by the muscles and connective tissue.

Don’t sit too long in one position.

Start to resolve emotional and physical pain

Create the life you want to live

Finally, find your freedom

It’s your time to thrive. 

1. Book a discovery call

Book a discovery call and I’ll answer your questions and make sure I can indeed help you on your path to emotional and physical freedom.

2. Personalised experience

Book a discovery call and I’ll answer your questions and make sure I can indeed help you on your path to emotional and physical freedom.

3. Change your life

Stop living a life restricted by emotional and physical pain and live with the freedom and ability to make choices that will see you thrive.

It’s your time. Get ready to thrive