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Feb 11, 2018 | Kids

Getting Kids Settled at School

Whether its a new school, or a new year kids (and parents) can feeling a range of emotions,  Everything from excited, nervous, scared, happy and just plain unsettled.

I’m experiencing exactly this with Mr 11 starting a new school this year and Mr 9 starting another year at primary school.  The 11 year old is experiencing some anxiety around where to be?, What time? who’s my teacher and  … I don’t know where to go ….  Meanwhile the 9 year old was worried cos last year’s friends are in different classes this year.  And although he won’t admit it – worried his big brother isn’t there.

So here are my 5 tips to helping kids and parents settle in to the year at school.


1. Be organised

School clothes, bags packed – all sorted the night before.   If it works for you pack lunches the night before too – for me just knowing what they are having is enough.  You be early – for the bus, drop offs, pickups.


2. No surprises

If kids know where to be, who they are meeting and have an understanding of what’s happening they are calmer.  So, as a parent, find out everything you can and let the kids know.


3. Give kids responsibility

Ask them to take some reasonability for their own stuff – do they know where it all is?  I’m sure mine will say yes when its no – its a work in progress.  Can they pack all or some of their lunchboxes? Put their school bags & shoes away?  This gives the kids some control – and helps you.


4. Reassurance

Take time to listen to their concerns and reassure them they have the skills and internal strength to manage what ever happens.


5. Support them with a Flower Essence or Emotional Clearing.

I can create an essence for your child to help their specific concerns please contact me if you’d more information. Favourites are the “Brave Drops” and “Fairy Drops”

Emotional Clearing can help your child be free from anxiety and overwhelm.

Helen M Grant

Helen M Grant

Helen is a Coach specialising in Kinesiology and Registered Financial Adviser.  Together we can change your life to one you'd love to live.